I am Dr. Ada-Rhodes Short, and I am a professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Informatics (Si2) IT Innovation Program at University of Nebraska Omaha.

I has a PhD in mechanical engineering and study robotics, design, and decision making with a focus on improving autonomous robot survival during space missions through computational cognition.

In addition to my research I have nearly a decade of industry experience working on best-selling and award-winning products. My portfolio includes Sphero’s App Enabled BB-8, Misty Robotics’ Misty, and Lora DiCarlo’s products.

Currently I am part of the UNO BRIDGELab and CLAB and I am looking for students interested in building robot brains and making robots that go to places humans can’t

I am also an advocate for queer and trans rights and one of the co-hosts of the podcast Totally Trans: Searching for the Trans Cultural Canon.

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I Am A Professor Now!

Starting in Fall of 2021 I am a professor of Information Technology Innovation in the School of Interdisciplinary Informatics at University of Nebraska Omaha. I am excited to get the opportunity to return to research and will be posting occasional blogs posts about my work on the newly revamped Cognitive-Cog website.

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